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Logan: Where are we going?

Rory: How should I know? What, do you think I have a plan or something? Geez. Live in the moment, Huntzberger. [She walks toward the exit, then looks back at him.] Coming?

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#rogan#rory gilmore#logan huntzberger#gilmore girls#season 6



Love this couple and this song <3

all the moments = one video!

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LUCY: [looking around] Holy crap! Your boyfriend is rich.
OLIVIA: And he’s got some wild stuff. I mean, what’s this about? [looking at the knight suit]
LUCY: Well, I must eat. I’m positively famished.
OLIVIA: Nice sound system [starts a CD]
LUCY: Do you have popcorn?
RORY: Um, yeah, there should be some in there.
LUCY: You have a hell of a lot of rice in here, Rory. White rice, brown rice, long-stem rice. You are simply crazy for rice.
RORY: Who doesn’t like rice?
LUCY: Look who found an air popper!
OLIVIA: Genius.
LUCY:  Now we just need some popcorn. Or something else that could be cooked  in here. Rice. Who’s up for a late-night snack of air-popped rice?
RORY: [Cell phone rings] Oh, wow, that must be my Logan call. I didn’t realize it was so late already.
LUCY: Time flies when you’re partying with artist.
LOGAN: What’s going on? You having a party, Ace? Oh, no, I’m just hanging out with a few friends.
LOGAN: Just friends, huh?
RORY: Yeah.
LOGAN: Anybody I know or..?
RORY: No. Just some girls I met.
OLIVIA: Hi, Logan!
LUCY: Hi, Logan!
LOGAN: Just girls, huh? Your new boyfriend’s not over.
RORY: Nope. Just us girls hanging out in our underwear, throwing pillows at each other – you know girl stuff.
LUCY: This says it’s popcorn, but it looks so fancy. Can I open it, or are you saving it for a special occasion or something?
RORY: Go ahead. [back to Logan] Hey, uh, sorry. Is it okay if I call you back later?
LOGAN: Sure, no problem. Have fun.
RORY: I will. Love you. Bye.
LUCY: Is that too much popcorn?
RORY: Uh, yeah.
LUCY: I’m really hungry. [continues filling the air popper and spilling it on the counter.]
OLIVIA: Okay. Someone’s got some explaining to do. [holding up something that looks like you use to walk on snow.]
7.04 - S Wonderful, ‘S Marvelous

Lucy and Olivia are really funny! And I love how Rory says “my Logan” &lt;3
#rogan#rory gilmore#logan huntzberger#lucy and olivia#gilmore girls#season 7
#rogan#rory gilmore#logan huntzberger#gilmore girls#season 6
#rogan#rory gilmore#logan huntzberger#gilmore girls#season 7